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American Gluten Free Review- Monthly Goodie Box

American Gluten Free Review- Gluten Free Treats Straight to Your Door

American Gluten Free Review

This American Gluten Free Goodie Box was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

American Gluten Free Review

I have been following American Gluten Free for a few months on Instagram and always get jealous of all the yummy goodies that I see coming across the feed. Gluten Free mini siracha key chain, yes please (I really wish I had gotten last month’s box that had one of those!). After seeing so many awesome goodies, I knew I had to get an American Gluten Free Box for myself. I was so excited when they offered to send one for Product Review Friday!

100% Gluten and Dairy Free goodies, delivered straight to your door! Get your box today! Click To Tweet

American Gluten Free is different from your usual subscription service. In addition to yummy snacks, they also offer a wide variety of full-sized products, along with fun recipes each month! Some months even include cool kitchen gadgets. With every month having a fun theme, you will never be bored trying out gluten free goodies.

American Gluten Free Review

August American Gluten Free Box

This month’s American Gluten Free Review cover’s their August Fall Harvest Box. I cannot tell you the feelings of excitement that I had when I received it. I had no idea what was going to be in it (and not because I didn’t try to find out…it was a well-kept secret!). This months products fir into the them Fall Harvest, which is perfect for this time of year. Fall starts in just a couple of weeks, so it is time to break out the fall flavors!

One of the great things about American Gluten Free is that they don’t just give you a box of random items. They are specially curated to fit in with the months theme and delicious recipes are provided to give you ideas on how to enjoy the months ingredients.

agreview6Fall Harvest Box Goodies

This month’s box included 7 Products.

Elisa’s Love Bites

The feature bake of the month is Elisa’s Love Bites. Delicious Chocolate Chip Dairy and Gluten Free Cookies.  Elisa’s uses their own specialty gluten free flour and low glycemic sweeteners. Deliciously better for you!

Nourish Snacks Cinn-sational Apples & Almonds

American Gluten Free ReviewChewy apples and crunchy almonds make for the perfect Fall inspired snack. So delicious, I wish I had a bunch more of these mini packs to keep in my bag. Cinnamon and apples are the perfect treat this season.

Organic Turkish Mini Figs

One of the recipes featured this month included these Turkish Mini Figs wrapped in bacon. I immediately went out and bought bacon to make them. I’ll be posting a picture of the recipe on Instagram next week. Be sure to follow me at @myglutenfreemiami to see it!

agreview2Organic Red Lentil Penne

This Red Lentil Penne has only one ingredient red lentils. Full of great nutrients I can’t wait to try it with my favorite Vodka Sauce!

Pumpkin Spice Cake Mix

I am so excited about this. It is the time of year where everyone craves pumpkin! I will be making this to bring to next weeks Mom’s Night out along with homemade pumpkin spice coffee creamer!

Think Eat Live SunPower Bar Mix

agreview4I haven’t had a chance to make them yet, but the picture on the front looks yummy! These will definitely be made next week. They will be perfect for healthy snacks!

Eden Pumpkin Seeds.

In all the Pumpkin Hype, everyone always forgets about another delicious part of the pumpkin the seeds! I am so glad that American Gluten Free didn’t leave out these yummy little treats. I threw the bag in my purse for the next time I’m on the go and need a celiac safe snack.

Wrap up

I am loving all these goodies! This American Gluten Free Review just offers a taste of some of the fantastic brands American Gluten Free works with. Follow on me on Instagram to see how we use these treats this month!

If you want to try it out for yourself, My Gluten Free Miami has a special code that gives you 50% off your First Box. Next month’s theme is European Travels, I highly recommend giving American Gluten Free a try. It is so much fun to try out new gluten free products.

Just go to American Gluten Free and enter the code MIAMI50.


Happy Gluten Free Eating!

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