Chocolate Chip Cookie Crusted French Toast {Gluten Free}

Everyone loves French Toast, take it to the next level with Cookie Crusted French Toast- the perfect, indulgent gluten free breakfast. This post is part of a collaboration between Goodie Girl Cookies and My Gluten Free Miami. The Next Level of French Toast French toast is a classic breakfast food. It isn’t necessarily fancy, but it is easy to dress up and simple to make. I don’t think I’ve met a person yet who doesn’t like French Toast. The crisp outside and eggy inside, with a drizzle of maple syrup- it’s everything you could want in breakfast. You might think it is already at the peak of perfection, but I’d have to disagree. French Toast can be taken to another level, and this Gluten Free Cookie Crusted French Toast proves it! Chocolate Chip Cookie Crust My families favorite gluten free chocolate chip cookies are Goodie Girl Quinoa Chocolate Chip. They are gluten free (yay for me!), but over that, my family just loves them. My daughter’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree whenever I pull out one of their go packs for a special snack. I watched my husband bypass a ton of goodies I got from the South … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookie Crusted French Toast {Gluten Free}