Gluten Free Pinata Cake

What’s more fun than cutting into a cake and sprinkles falling out? Nothing really. This layered gluten free cake with American Buttercream icing has a surprise center of sprinkles, just waiting to fall out!

gluten free pinata cake

This post is sponsored by Goodie Girl Cookies. All opinions are my own.

Nothing says holiday like a surprise cake and this sprinkled filled cake is so much fun to make and even more fun when you cut into it. Pinata cakes are so much fun. They look difficult to make, but are really very simple.

I created this Gluten Free Holiday Pinata Cake with lime green, hot pink, red and green sprinkles, this cake gives a fun twist on the traditional!

Goodie Girl Mint Cookies

To add to the holiday flare I used Goodie Girl’s Mint Cookies. I used them to create ornaments around the bottom. They taste just like the holidays.

For the Mint Cookie ornaments, I placed the Goodie Girl Cookies on wax paper in the oven at 200 degrees for just a couple minutes to just begin to melt the chocolate. Pull them out and sprinkle them. Allow the chocolate to harden again. If you are in a hurry, you can put them in the fridge for a few minutes.

Creating the Pinata Cake Layers

A Pinata Cake has several layers. I chose to use a set of small pans. Use your favorite gluten free cake mix and colors to create the cake layers. One standard size box of gluten free cake mix should make 6 layers.

I cut a hole in 5 of the 6 layers. the top layer I left whole. Before frosting the cake it is best to freeze the layers. This will keep the cake from pulling up when frosting.

The American Buttercream should be stiff, but spreadable. I find that it tastes best to use real butter, but if you need the frosting to be super white, then shortening can be used as well.

I chose not to sift my powdered sugar (I know, it’s heresy), but because I am not doing small decorations I didn’t think it would be an issue and I was right. There were no clumps at all. I chose to double the recipe for frosting and I was glad I did. I liked having plenty because I am new to icing the sides and wanted to be sure I had enough.

If you have extra, it will store in the refrigerator for about a well.

Once the layers are stacked, fill the center with sprinkles. It takes about ¾ cups of sprinkles to fill the center. I bought my sprinkles from Sweetopolita, but feel free to use any gluten free sprinkles that you would like.

Once the cake is filled, I did a crumb coat, froze the cake, and then did the final layer of frosting.

I chose to use a white chocolate drizzle on the sides of the cake. Making a drizzle is easier than it looks. Simply melt a cup of white chocolate with a ⅓ to ½ cup heavy cream depending on how runny you want it. I used a candy bottle to drizzle on the sides.

Add the Goodie Girl Mint Cookies and you have one Gluten Free Pinata Cake that people will be talking about!

Gluten Free Pinata Cake


Cake Layers

  • 1 box cake mix baked in 5 layers

White Chocolate Drizzle

  • 1 cup white chocolate chips
  • 1/3 cup heavy cream

American Buttercream

  • 2 cups butter
  • 2 pounds powder sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream plus extra as needed


  • 1 cup gluten free sprinkles
  • 1 box gluten free mint cookies Goodie Girl Brand


  • Bake cake layers and freeze.

American Butter Cream

  • Beat butter and vanilla
  • Beat in powder sugar one cup at a time alternating with one tablespoon of heavy cream.
  • Add in additional heavy cream as needed to make the frosting spreadable.

Ornament Cookies

  • Allow mint cookies to melt slightly and add sprinkles. Allow to cool.

Pinata Cake

  • Assemble cake with layers of frosting and fill with sprinkles.
  • Frost outside and add decorations.

White Chocolate Drizzle

  • Melt white chocolate over double boiler.
  • Stir in heavy cream.
  • Pour into a candy squeeze bottle and let cool slightly. Use to drizzle around edges.

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