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Product Review Friday- David’s Unforgettable Sauces, Gluten Free Blends, and I Heart Keenwah

Brand new products for this Friday’s Product Reviews! Be sure to check out these great companies and their gluten free offerings!


Products were received in exchange for an honest review.

Product Review Friday 9-16

David’s Unforgettable

Product Review Friday 9-16The name says it all! David’s Sauces are truly unforgettable. I am a sucker for anything with balsamic vinegar (I would eat it with spoon if I could!), so when I found out there was a whole line of balsamic vinegar based sauces it was very exciting. Verified non-gmo and celiac safe, every kitchen should have a couple of bottles on hand! Not only are they great for salad dressing and barbecue sauce, they also make amazing marinades! I marinated some pork tenderloin in the Ginger Soy and it was amazing. These sauces make it easy to add amazing flavor to dishes, without a ton of work. Stay tuned for some exciting recipes featuring all the David’s Unforgettable Sauces. All of the flavors are available to order online!

David’s Unforgettable Sauces Website



focaccia2-2Gluten Free Blends

Product Review Friday 9-16Quality gluten free breads can be difficult to find and tricky to make. Gluten Free Blends takes all the guess-work out with their simple to make breads. They have a great variety of delicious breads that taste just like regular bread. I tried the Rosemary Focaccia and not only was it easy to make, it was also delicious. The rosemary smell as the bread was rising and baking was amazing. I even used leftovers to make my husband an egg sandwich for breakfast. He was very happy. If you are looking for easy blends that are sure to impress even your non gluten free friends, give gluten free blends a try!

Gluten Free Blends Website


Product Review Friday 9-16

I Heart Keenwah

Product Review Friday 9-16I love anything quinoa, probably because my husband is Peruvian, but we eat a lot of quinoa at our house. When I found out about a product that combined all the goodness of quinoa in a variety products, I was very excited. I Heart Keenwah has clusters, chocolate covered puffs, and quinoa puffs. While my husband devoured the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Puffs they sent, I fell in love with the Quinoa Puffs. They are very addicting! Crunchy, tons of flavor, and healthy. You can’t go wrong with them! Check out all the great I Heart Keenwah products on their site!

I Heart Keenwah

Product Review Friday 9-16Product Review Friday 9-16










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Happy Gluten Free Eating!

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