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Shaddai 305 Wings- Miami Restaurant Review

Shaddai 305 Wings is the perfect place to get gluten free wings in Miami with a dedicated fryer and amazing sauces!

Shaddai 305 Wings on a plate

This review was in no way compensated by Shaddai 305 Wings. My hubby and I went and paid for lunch. It was awesome, so I’m writing about it!

Shaddai 305 Wings

First of all, I have to apologize for the cell phone pictures. I should have taken my camera, but it was a date day with my hubby (toddler free! doesn’t happen often!), but the wings were so good, I had to tell people!

I first learned about Shaddai 305 Wings at our local Gluten Free South Florida support group meeting (check us out HERE!), and I contacted them to confirm that they had a dedicated fryer for their wings and was thrilled when they quickly responded that yes, the fryer was used only for the wings and they had several gluten free sauces.

I have been gluten free for over 4 years and this is the first time I’ve been able to eat wings out and man, were they good.

My husband and tried the mango habanero, mango siracha, guava siracha, guava bbq (actually took some of this home and my daughter loved it!), the OG, and Lemon Pepper. They were all amazing !

shaddai 305

Family Owned and Operated

Shaddai 305 Wings is family owned and operated. They also own Shaddai, a Lebanese restaurant a few doors down (it’s on our list to try next!).

I was so impressed with their gluten free knowledge. The owner mentioned that his sister is unable to have gluten. They have created dishes that she can have as well.

The regular wings are gluten free on their own and there is a selection of gluten free sauces. They do serve other items in the restaurant that contain gluten, but are very careful and have an open kitchen.

Find their menu on their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram!

If you are in the Miami area, be sure to check them out, and I’ll update this soon with better pics!

Looking for more gluten free options in Miami? Check out Della Bowls!

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